Thursday, July 21, 2011

Somethings and some Nothings!!! – Part X

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Manjari was out of the hall. I am not sure if the others had noticed any of this. Half the crowd was dancing and half the crowd was already on the ninth cloud. The last words Manjari had said kept me still. “Am doing this for both of us. It’s for the best that we don’t marry for an obligation. I deserve a response from someone else and I am going to wait for it, no matter how long it takes. Apology is too small a word that I want to suffocate you with. I am leaving you with no choice. But am glad am going to give myself a chance again. Take care.” She said she was going to wait for a response! I owe one big time to someone else.

I rushed again, this time to the other end of the hall where “she” had parked her car and stepped down and stood wondering why she was here. She has not moved on. She’s been waiting for a response and I had not known she was waiting all along!

She was there, mingling in the crowd. Smiling, but totally fake. I know her smile. I know her laugh. I know her. I know now, that I know her! Like old times I patted her on the back from behind and she did turn...

“Ask me the question again!” She broke down at that!

“Ask me the question again!” She was completely in tears, and never had I seen this bold lady cry.

“If am right, the last time you asked, if you were part of my plan. You were my plan. I just was insane and out of my minds to have not realised that” She would still not stop.

“All my life, I would say a hundred “Yes” from morning till night, day in and day out. Would that make up a little?” A small smile came across from beneath those tears.

“So, you have an answer now!” is all that she said and held me tight. I knew she had and I definitely had forgotten the six years we had lost. We were back.

Just when I realised we owed the crowd an explanation, she asked “Can we change the party board to read Shreya & Gautham, I am only asking for half of it to change right? And this time, before even she could finish the question I was out with my response “Absolutely!”


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

heheh, edhirpartha mudivu thaan.. but the point is you have great command over the language. vidaama ezhudhu.

Ramya said...

naan edhir paarkadha mudivu :) totally totally dint want a positive end! edho mood la and public demand la pottuten :) glad tht u finished it off odane... next one strt aardhu.. not a thodar kadhai.. tension aagadhe :P

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

it would have been very run of the mill if it was a non-happy ending, given the conversations and thoughts the main characters had. The fact that in spite of all these thoughts, they got together is what makes it beautiful. it happens often, nama nenkradha vida adhuva nadakradhu nalla irukkum ;-)

King Vishy said...

Wowwwww... Great ending :)
Ettaavudhu part veraikkum Bala padam madhiri kondu poittu, 9th la adichiyae anthar balti!! Soooperu! :)

And glad you didn't leave Manjari in the lurch.. Everyone's happy.. Subam!!

Congrats on a nice story.. Probably a conventional story line, but truly stunned at the way you penned those emotions down.. To think of it, there was not so much action in there to last 10 episodes.. but at no point did I feel bored or that the story was stagnating.. Like Porkodi says - your command over the language is amazing!

And enjoyed reading the alternating narrations.. Could even imagine background music from the start to the end of the story :D

Ramya said...

@porkodi & vishy - sincere thanks to both of u for having patiently followed the stry and given detaield and honest feedback :) As vishy said, i just wanted to try a diff way of saying a conventional stry :) glad tht it cud be related to :)

off to some good old nonsense types posts for sometime now, got another concept for nxt stry, will settle dwn with tht once i get more vetti!