Thursday, July 21, 2011

When marriages are made in Bhoologam... - "Ah! They said 'Yes'!"

Marriages? - That's only a reminder to myself that am getting married, and have loads of work to do and need to complete the post soon enough and get it up on the blog and not sit and stare at the monitor waiting for a comment to pop in!

Bhoologam (earth) is where we are, and marriages and more importantly weddings, are designed, made and executed very much here and not in any Devalogam (heaven)!

Coming to today's topic, "Ah! They said 'Yes'!" - Probably the line that goes around across both families for the next couple of days, admist parents, uncles, aunts, grandpas, grandmas, kids, pets and to-be-borns too in both the families! But even before they could say 'Yes', a lot goes into the screenplay!

Arranged marriages are super complicated than my most dreaded chapter in Medevial Indian History! You have every permutation to be liked, approved and accepted! Boy's family likes girl's family, girl's family likes boy's family, boy's family likes girl, girl's family like boy, girl likes boy's family, boy likes girl's family and finally after one big loop, boy likes girl and girl likes boy! No wonder the whole world celebrates when the three letters Y, E, S are heard at once! At that very instant, all prayers are answered and more prayers are offered. The search action ends but a whole deal of actions begin!

As any event coordinator would say, the bride is the one who confidently says "Let the planning begin!" and so did I!


This is me said...

Yea... a whole lot of things take place..a and finally on THE DAY.. its not just the boy and girl who are married.. the entire boy's family is married to the entire girl's family...!!

Ramya said...

@this is me - true :) and the best part is, the whole process is fun and everyone enjoys every bit of it :) watchout for more kalaai moments on this series...