Saturday, June 26, 2010

Somethings and Nothings - Part II

Recap - Part I


“I wish I had said yes”, I said. As I said this once again, I really wished I would get another chance. It’s been four long years of regret, hope and despair. But it’s been a longer period of love, care and friendship. I just thought of a moment six years back, but had to rush for this daily call for which I run in this early every morning and end up giving a wrong impression to the one person I wanted to be perfectly right.

Six years back when I had entered the same meeting hall I stand in, little did I know I wasn’t alone, little did I know that I would stand here today recollecting the past, something I had never dreamt of happening to me of all people. I had a past? A relationship which I call a past? I might or might not have! That’s me; I am not too sure... At least I have started thinking about it and I wish I had started earlier.

The meeting was a routine status call and I had all the time to be with myself, to think what went wrong or what went right! That’s actually all the time I have got for myself! I had made a choice and now I live with it.

She was there, when I thought I was pushed into a new island. She just smiled and said a simple “Hello” and instantly connected. I might have hesitated at least for a second or two before I breathed out a weaker “helloooo”, but in no time, we were out there laughing with rest of the lot at the lunch table. There were seven of us, who became a notorious gang, but the rest five were different from her. She was the person I had right from daily route bus to my cubicle, from morning till evening, for every single thought I needed to share and for every single time I needed someone to just talk to or even shout at; she was there! She did not stop with a smile alone; she spoke about everything more than anyone one can ever imagine. She could just not stop and that’s what made us complement each other even more.

She was always with people, so much that the whole world knew her and wanted to be friends with her. I thought myself to have been lucky that way. We were best of friends and the best part was that there were no strings attached. We had our spaces, we had our separate lives, people, career and more than that we had our own priorities! Just that I misread what was mine, and more so what she thought was hers!

“Any questions?” was all that I heard in today’s call and thankfully it was over with that. Memories come in handy in such situations, if I have to look at the brighter side of a hanging past or a boring meeting. As I walk out of the conference room, I crossed her cabin and she hurriedly looked up from her desk. “Got a minute?” and I immediately stepped in.


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

idhu fiction.. adha naanga nambanum? rightu! ;-)

this one is a far better read than part-1. loved it! (although, i dont quite agree that a chatter box and silent sigamani complement each other.)

but nee romba desperately complex sentences pottu ennai confuse panna try panra madhri irundhudhu.. analum naanga yaru.. theliva irukomla! :P

konjam regulara post pannu!

Ramya said...

hema... vaanga.. karuthukku wait pannen :)

fiction... nambi aaganam... 95% fiction, 5% incidents or characters or impact from own, known, heard stries.. ofcourse u wont know wht is tht 5% :P

better read aah?? thnks.. i personally liked prev one.. this one has more of stry into it, coz my guy character thinks lesser and is going to be the one who is revealing the flashback :).. complement yea.. thts my theory... slowa accept pannikko :P

complex - yes, intended.. coz i want ppl to read it the way they read.. i want things to be open for ppl to see wht they want to see... each one sees their own stry, or someone they know abt... adhukkaga thaan workign on complex sentences and hiding everything behind words :)

regular - ofcourse... every sat :) this week will prolly try one mid-week... but will be punctual with weekly updates :)

crazyg33k said...

I think I got it, want me to give a public spoiler?

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

crazyg33k, ofc you should! what are you waiting for?

Ramya said...

@crazyg33k - pls do!! even i would like to know!!!

and am afraid am not able to recognize from ur id!!!

solanum lycopersicum said...

all your endings are good. its like the 'thodarum' part in tv soaps. :P oru nalla situation la u put an end.
anyway, too good story going on. great going! :)

King Vishy said...

Plan panni kozhappuraya?? idhellaam over-aa illa? anjarivu irukkura naanga laam enna panradhaam?

Idhukku munnaadi irukkura comments laam paatha ellaarum purinjukitta madhiri theriyudhu.. So avai(yil enadhu) mariyaadhaikkaaga: enakkum purinjuruchuuu!!

Idhula aambala side of the story nu puriyuradhukke enakku night ayiruchu.. thiruppi rendu episode-um padichen.. office la enakku vaelai kuduthuttaa idhellaam panna mudiyaadhu ammanee.. adhanaale light-aa puriyura madhiri ezhudhungo!! :P

But seriously, nice narration..

Kavity said...

:) Good one!

Am expecting that people will relate more to some incident or the other as more of the episodes come in. I have already started relating :)

But, yeah, me too loved the previous one much more! However, I guess the intention is that. Her side of it looks more like poetry and his side more functional.

Ramya said...

@solanum - thnkkus.. keep reading :)

@vishwa - man sema sincere response aah irukke idhu... night out pottu ellam padichirukke :) dhanks pa :) neenga laam periya aalu.. dharaalama purinjidum... dont worry :)

@kavi - bang on!! u got the tone behing both narration perfectly clear :) and yea leaving things open for ppl to read and relate is wht am trying... its kinda success if they actually do...

muthu said...

Rams, read Part I and II and started liking it so much... wanted to comment here before i continued with the rest... :)

your style of writing is too good... being able to relate to many incidents make me like this even more...