Friday, July 22, 2011

When marriages are made in Bhoologam... - "The Rendezvous"

n. pl. ren·dez·vous - A meeting at a prearranged time and place.

Did I change the order of events? Did I get the process wrong? Aren't the event leads and key players (yes the families, extended families and ofcourse the girl and guy under scrutiny) supposed to meet? Aren't conventional meeting places (girl's house) shunned out of practice and replaced with so-called neutral or non-committal hangouts (temples! restaurants! friends' place! friend's friend's friend's place and so on!)?

Rendezvous #1:

Location: Temple in the heart of the city
Participants: Girl's party (a team with more than 3 members is fondly referred to as 'party' and strictly no connection with any political views!), guy's party, girl and guy
Duration of scene: Half an hour for members of each party to get introduced to each other and 5 mins for the girl and guy to talk before they hopefully say 'Yes'
Gist of the 5 min seal-the-deal talk:
Minute #1 - girl says 'Hi', guy says 'Hi', girl says her name (not that it wasn't known before), guy says name, followed by silence
Minute #2 - both of them say they aren't sure what to talk, followed by longer silence
Minute $3 - typical "Tell me about yourself" interview question posed to girl, she's well prepared and completes her entire education and professional life history in 48 seconds, followed by shorter silence
Minute #4 - boy is posed the same question, he is definitely less prepared but still manages to finish it in 56 seconds, followed by just a pause!
Minute #5 - They decide to get back to respective parties and convey their decision!

Five minutes later, both parties scream with joy, "Ah! They said 'Yes'!"

Rendezvous #2:

Location: Girl's house
Participants: Same as Rendezvous #1
Duration: Similar to Rendezvous #1
Gist of the seal-the-deal talk: Girl and guy don't stop talking and get back to the respective parties within the stipulated time (1 hour as per the unwritten norm!), respective parties rush to the talk floor and assume the result, girl and guy blush and end of scene!

Five minutes later, both parties scream with joy, "Ah! They said 'Yes'!"

Rendezvous #3:

Location: Skype! (For the technically strong hearted souls)
Participants: Girl and Guy (blame the absence of wide angle webcams!)
Duration: It depends (Let the jargons fly around!)
Gist of the seal-the-deal talk:
Minute #1 - #30 - Girl and guy set up Skype account
Minute #31 - #45 - Girl and guy add each other as Skype contact
Minute #46 - #55 - They stare at each other (ofcourse, they are no saints)
Minute #55 - #60 - Same conversation as in Rendezvous #1!

Five minutes later, both parties scream with joy, (at their respective houses) "Ah! They said 'Yes'!"

Rendezvous #4:

Both parties scream with joy, (at their respective houses) "Ah! They said 'Yes'!" and the girl and guy meet a month later! (Rendezvous of families, hours of seal-the-deal talk between girl and guy over phone do not get covered as per definition of "Rendezvous" above!)


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