Friday, August 19, 2011

When marriages are made in Bhoologam... - "It's a Groom's thing!"

Let's not leave the groom alone! After all he's responsible for half the wedding and half the marriage itself!

The worst nightmare for the groom (next to saying "Yes" to the girl) is shopping for the wedding! Ever thought of what all goes into his head? Here goes a partial list....

  1. I hate shopping!
  2. I get to wear only a white colour boring dhoti for 80% of the wedding, while she gets a saree of each colour, and two for each occasion!
  3. I hate shopping! It's such a boring activity!
  4. Thanks to the concept of Reception, I get to wear something other than a Dhoti!
  5. The total count of clothes stands at 5:9 (groom:bride)! (Is anybody fighting for Mens' equality?)
  6. I hate shopping! How do girls do it all the time?
  7. I am least bothered about the dhotis... the mothers would get them right! (Yea, how much can I think for a white dhoti with a red and green border?)
  8. I hate shopping! I do believe it hard!
  9. What? I cant's get my wedding clothes before she gets her sarees? Damn!
  10. I hate shopping! I don't get bored of saying it! I get bored shopping!
  11. I thought I only had 4 colours (white, half white, blue, grey) to choose from, now that she's got a saree of her dreams, I get to choose the only colour that complements and supplements her saree! (Ofcourse, white!)
  12. I hate shopping! There's not much I can do about it!
  13. She shops for me! (Ok, this is a blessing in disguise, and am not complaining)
  14. I hate shopping! I don't get to shop for either of us!
  15. I don't have the time to shop! She had 4 months and I get 4 hours? (She is so going to say I am to be blamed!)
  16. I hate shopping! Let's get done with it...
  17. I want to look like a prince! But I don't want those expensive clothes!
  18. I hate shopping! Too much to think!
  19. Ok, I need to get two sets of expensive garments, she will select them, I need to try them out and approve of her selection and wear them as prescribed by her... That'll make me look perfect and more importantly relieved! (She happy, me relieved!)
  20. I hate shopping! But now I know what's the best thing about getting married!
  21. ......
  22. ......
  23. ......

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Serendipity said...

Is this what the groom say when you asked him to accompany you?