Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When marriages are made in Bhoologam... - "You are invited!"

Trust me when I say inviting people are the best part of a wedding (yes,
way better than shopping, saree shopping in particular, no matter how crazy about sarees you can get!) And nothing matches the joy you get on inviting people in person :)

We (roughly around now, the bride and groom start using the two letters more than the single letter previously religiously used!) bang our heads to come out with the most unique invite ever! (yes, every wedding invite is unique and very precious to that particular bride and groom!) And as for parents, every invite is a template, there's a red, there's a yellow, the wordings have been pre-decided centuries back by ancestors, and the only unique aspect it the actual names alone! (I totally adore the traditional yellow invite, and learnt a lot from that parchment myself!)

Coming down to the era of web invites (e-vites as my brother would force me into calling it!), from websites, to micro sites to scanned invites, the thought process never stops... More importantly, people brush up their English Literature from school and college promptly to get all the wedding vows, wedding verses, love messages and love poems, sonnets, couplets and
doughnuts in place! Imagination goes out on the air and what comes out it what one loves to see as their own wedding invite for ages to come and nothing shall minuscule the joy of inviting near and dear ones with the best of their works!

Deviating a little and making this post a little specific to my wedding, I hereby share the making of my wedding invite.... snippets from behind the scenes!

1) All of us know it's a perfectly arranged marriage, still we explored the option of eloping!!! (I had this dialogue rehearsed right from the time the first version was out!)

2) We even tried getting converted into the other half of Tam-Brahms, so that we don't have to change the invite further!

3) But finally, we knew we can't change and ended up being the real ourselves!!!

4) Not to forget what we believe in, when we say it the TamBrahmRage ishtyle....

This being brought out in public, wondering what would have gone behind the scenes of the hundreds of wedding invites I've seen over years... am sure there is a story behind each one of them!!!

And once again, we, Ram and I, can't wait to see you all at the wedding :)


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

ah ipo yaar iyer iyengar nu theriyama enaku romba ragea irukku!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

purinjuduthuuuuu! :D off to the wedding!

Ramya said...

@porkodi - totally sry ma.. one stupid line made u get the stry wrong! neither of us are iyengars! both of us are agmark iyers! given the 100 little taks am off to, this post came up in such a hurry tht i dint read twice!!!

and yea, planning to surprise me? :P

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