Thursday, May 6, 2010

A woman at heart...

Am not a crazy feminist, am not "against" men or women or "for" either as well :) It's just the human race as such that amazes me :). From few people I know, their way of life and stories told and from a few phases of life that I have personally seen, little could I react to the world at large...

It's just a thought, just a way of explaining what's what and who's who... It's just a way of venting it all out...

I dedicate the lines below to all those in my life who have cared for me, and who have given me a place in their lives for me to care for them.. and its only coincidental that Mother's Day is around the corner and hence, "Mom, you top the list" :)


Wept by the tide called time, with feet too cold to step aside,

blocked by oneself with the worst of fears,

choked with memories and clogged with tears,

there she is, to care!!!

Swayed away by thoughts, to a land so farther,

blown apart into halves, that know not the other,

a quest set in its own path, start and end unknown.

Still, here she is, to care!!!

Good to all, never good to self,

a mind that thinks and a heart that swells.

Been there, and seen it all,

As always, there she is, to care!!!


That's it !!! Just one part of the story.. would love to see people add on to this :) I feel there's something I've left unsaid... and something else that needs to go in... So, junta, please come up with your lines.. would be a different attempt altogether :)

P.S.1: Am looking for some interesting lines from few ppl I have in mind.. eagerly waiting for these and the rest to add on :)

P.S.2 : This is no contest !!!


mercurial queen said...

Woman..a mystery..a puzzle...a rarely understood emotion...people find this noun synonymous with many expressions...One thing that always comes to mind is Joy..mind you is not the sheer bliss one feels from being content. Woman in many roles never fails to bring that emotion out..Yeah Rams..maybe It could be the "Mother's day" effect...but you said is hard for such an enigma to be bound in words...

Ramya said...

Thanks Vandy, for pitching in :) knew could bank on u :)

very true.. Joy is a whole chapter that I haven't touched upon... frankly speaking dunno how to word that part :)

but from a care point of it.. i extend it beyond the complex mind of a woman.. am jus saying at times there's a small portion of a woman's heart hiding in men too and that kinda makes them complete.. i tried to make this a concept... of caring and being cared.. jus tht this is one part of a woman.. and she has many more faces :) and i had used "she" coz i feel i fit in, i feel most of the women i know fit in... nevertheless, few men fit in at some places of it, in their own way... :)

Sankar Deiva said...

Affection as an emotion is uni-sexual. I dont think and I dont believe that the male and female individuals of the human species have different notions about it. That said, people have their own unique ways of emoting it (one of it might even be not emoting it). That again, I think is a function of the character attributes of a person. Whether somebody's character attributes are influenced by their gender? I dont know. BUt even if it is, I am positive its just one of the numerous other things that shape somebody. I am not arguing against the point that caring as a trait is related to women. I am merely stating, even if thats true, its merely a case of correlation and not causation. THAT I think is important because, saying somebody is "caring" because he/she belongs to a particular combination of the 23rd pair of chromosome, is unfairly stripping that person of the rightful credit he/she deserves for the invaluable character of being affectionate.

Ramya said...

@sankar - you have prolly phrased wht i was thinking a lot better :) i extended a woman's warmth, care and affection as a component in men too.. i called it women's emtions cause thts how a majority relate to.. agreed emotions and afection esp totally applies to both the gender and its just wht people choose to be that they end up being... irrespective of the gender of the person, theres just one classification of ppl i wish to stress upon.. the one tht cares for and one thts being cared for.. :) when these two know of each other, theres harmony in their lives... when either don't see their emotion reciprocated, theres something incomplete.. i wanted to bring out tht part of the stry and see wht might fill the gap :) as i said, i totally fit into these lines, most women fit into most of it, and i know a lot many men who fit into it as well... just tht i stuck introducing the women's angle coz I am one :)