Sunday, August 19, 2007

SLEEP - then and now


Forgot the promise made to Harini, that i shall update this new blog regularly.
Forgot to start writing on my life @ VGSOM (I shall do that very shortly)
Forgot to mention all these were not because of my poor memory, but coz of the dreaded 5 letter word S-L-E-E-P.

Blabberings - just out of bed:

For someone like me who had always been a night creature, sleeping very late- not before midnight strikes, it can never be tough to manage here. Sleeping late is never a problem. The problem is on the other side of the coin. Getting up early, rather getting up itself. 2 to 3 hrs of sleep every day, very cyclic, very monotonous. End result - dozing off in class only to find out that am one among the very few who sleep in almost all classes. (Here again i blame the topics for putting me off to sleep... for i have been wide awake in real good lectures). Worst was in finance class, when the prof had to ask me if i was feeling very sleepy (and that too in hindi)... and i just had to take an oath that i shall neevr again sleep in classes...(good we haven't had any dull class after that)...

Its not just me... a big lot of junta... from those who sleep over the chairs, to those who sleep right in front row. From the CR to the placecomm. From those who sleep with dreams to those unlucky ones who dint have any. From those who had heavy lunch to those who missed it badly... sleep is the only buzz word around. [Sorry folks if any of you are personally included in the list]... Greeting each other every morning can never be without enquiring when the other person slept or for how long...(so much for sleep)

All the pressure on weekdays' sleeplessness made me go mad and do nothing but sleep the last three days (sleeping the whole day :D)... and the fact is-this is even worse... am left with nothing but guilt.. when the whole world is having fun (or perhaps studyin too), am back in my room sleeping... (am i unahppy about this ??!!??!!). When shortened sleep made me miss just sleep, long hrs of sleep made me miss a whole lot of goodies... breakfast :( , occasionally lunch, precious time that could be used for chatting online, more precious time that ought to be used for studying, and much more...

Now that i have cribbed so much about both missing sleep and sleeping a lot (see am proving myself to be good at confusing), i sit back to think why i lack sleep management skills... maybe thats one i'll end up developing by the end of the course...


I am wide awake now. Just read through what i have written above. Apologies if you can read nothing but the word sleep. :P. Will aim for brisk posts next time.

Sleepily yours. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


sudhersan said...

sleepy cool

Serendipity said...

ROFL- too good.

precious time that could be used for chatting online, :P:P

yeah yeah precious time :P

hey did u olarify when the prof asked u if u were too sleepy? :P

Ramya Rajachandrasekar said...

@serendipity.... thnk my stars i have stopped blabbering when am just out of sleep... :P