Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taggo Wierdos

Does the title looks like i had copied it from a spell book?... yes but not that of a witch but one of a fairy - Harini the fairy who tagged me to make this "Wierd" post.

Now about the wierd eight:

1) Nothing could be more wierd than me starting to blog, posting few wierdo stuff, and staying away from blogging for a yr. (hmph, never really wanted to confess on this but this was the most obvious)

2) Almost all those whom i hav stamped by mistake or those who have seen me do so know about this wierd thing about me. I would have shouted well before and much louder than my target :) ... And to those poor souls al that i can say is "Sorry" for stamping, and sorry for shouting hard and making you have pity on me.

3) Blabbering - though i manage to do this 24 X 7, the peak time is when am about to sleep or about to wake up. Neither I or the other person can either follow or remember the conversation after a couple of mins by then i would have given a call back making myself sound more clear :P... (i prefer not to mention any particular examples for my own benefit :P)

4) The night creature - what friends back at coll started calling me as... those were the days i strted this sleep not earlier than 1 a.m. mission and continuing still.

5) A Lazy Dozer - ask my mom and she'll write essays on this. But one thing even she'll accept is its just that am lazy to start with, once i am into a work i just keep going along... still am lazy otherways also - never known to keep my room clean, keep things organised, blah blah blah... but never been lazy to ask mom to do them for me :D

6) I can confuse people just by talking and making no sense at all... (confused how?? just read wierdo #5... did i mke sense???)

7) Never been a voracious reader, but always wanted to read a lot.. dunno what goes wrong and i dont end up reading as much as i want to... :(

8) Day dreamer... i imagine things to be too realistic and at times end up feeling bad when the real world is on the contrary...

Now i have kept my word. Harini and Deepak should be happy that i have completed their tag.

And now for the worst part - tagging others. Will just tag Sriram, Supriya, Sridevi (people i shall influence hard to join me in coming back to blogging)


Serendipity said...

1 :P agreed
2 : ohoh naughty rammie:p
3 : no comments !!! for ob reasons ;)
4 : i thot now it is 4 am :P
5 : same pinch
6 : pt 6 is only confusing :P
7 : ohoh
8 : same pinch again :(

Achilles said...

sleepy cool post