Thursday, November 5, 2009

What it takes to update!!!.

"I need to update my blog" - this line has been on top my head for two days now, coz I was totally vetti (vella) at work and coz I hav committed myself to be a regular blogger (read am that scared of kavi or harini naggin me to update :P). Also I dint want this blog to feel left out coz of my all new photo blog :P

So, "What do I write about?" - this has been on my head from early this morning (theres a lead time of a day between the decision to blog and actual process start) and have tried my best not to request for suggestions on my status msg :P

Maybe, something not like my usual ones - maybe lemme think like Harini for a min...... thinking........mmmmmmmmm..... Tag Post"ies"!!!! What are the ten thingies you wish to hav? What are the ten places you would love to visitie? Who are the ten people you wish to give a hardie time? What are the ten things that come to the top of your mind for a new blog idea? - There it is, top ten things on my mind for a blog idea :) Thats what am gonna write about :) Thanks Hari dear :)


1) Tag posts - list down ten random things, tag 10 people and bug them to do the same. am more for jus bugging people and hence would spare the listing part of it. wouldn't want too much of a overhead :P

2) Poetry
- as much as i love writing (and reading) them, as much as i know what Kavi would comment :) and as much as I want to stick on to tht genre alone... I want a Change!!!! Primarily coz i want to save the good ones to go along with the photos :)

3) Prose - am saving all the thoughts for a short story am writing for a contest... guess would have to wait till I complete, submit there and gets published there :)

4) Philosophy - ok am new to this end of philosophy :P been more on the recieving end (my philosopher would agree). I just have one i came up with today - "Missing" is a contagious chain reaction!!! Lemme start blogging on this now........

When you miss someone, it starts a chain reaction within yourself and you start listing out all the people you miss dearly at the moment. Not just that, you make this low feeling spread across to the near ones (read next to you at the moment). Hence its contagious too!!! Now if these two lines have either made people away miss me so much taht you cant directly hit me on my head :P or made you realise you too miss someone that bad... "Mission Accomplis!!!" (P.S. : Raghu it all started with me thinking of how i miss waking you up with my sweet lil song :P) .. now that even I can't take more of my philosophy, i switch to the next option

5) Life @ Kol - I will have 2-3 things I like about Kol which might fall under the micro-blogging Vishwa was talking abt and a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge list of things that make me believe this city sucks !!! (for my dear Bengali friends - please read it as why Kol doesn't suit me or like me that well)... for the hate list, I sure will blog on that once i get back form home next time, coz everytime I come back and land in Kol, theres one new item added to the list :) Like "Citi never sleeps", "My Kol-hate-list never ends" :P

6) Art - still to come out in public is my artistic talent ( people, trust me I draw :) and quite decent at it :) One good passionate time pass activity.. Converting a pic taken by Deepak to a sketch, once that is done, will upload my fav ones :)

7) News - current affairs?!?!?! and me :O ... not been getting along well offlate... I have this bad habit of "I can't follow the news propoerly if I dont have the physical copy of Hindu on hand and hot piping tea on the table and mom yelling at me to go get ready :)" - as a result I end up getting late news more often than hot news :P

8) Nostalgia - this has become an audience request (read reader's choice) now. Sups has already requested for one on MIT days, and if I do that, I will feel bad abt leaving behind the fun days at VGSOM and for all you know I might end up writing on Cognizant and CavinKare days too :P (Not a bad idea...... :P).. will work on different concepts (somebody get me the thinking cap pls :P)

9) Reviews - wanted to very badly write one on Chetan Bhagat's 2 states - refrained for two reason a) I was lazy and b) my dear thambi Sankar has already written my thoughts on people's thoughts on Chennai.. why redundancy in blogosphere... definitely not, atleast till I can make a travelouge :)

10) Random Ramblings - on shopping, on travel, on eat-outs, on people, on life, basically on everything :P... that's what am good at and am sticking on to that :) (if this post classifies to be random enough).... Imagine the plight of people (read Sriram) who have to hear it day in and day out and people (read Bala) who will be bugged to read and comment and few others either long lost or recently lost :P


Now that my intention of updating the blog is done, I shall sleep peacefuly :) Also, I shall save the rest of the world from tagging and asking them to do the same and thrust more misery on my readers :)


Disclaimer : All names taken in this post were just for fun or to make them more popular :) and not to hurt anyone or their feelings :)


priya said...

your blog was almost like what we used to do in the office...have a meeting to only decide abt the schedule and venue of next meeting.
and good that u dint write a review for chetan bhagat's 2 state..cos it doesnt even deserve a review.

priya said...

and yeah stop bugging people and write a serious blog next time..:-)

King Vishy said...

Heyyyyy!!! Mera number aa gaya!! :P

Thanks for that free publicity.. btw just ran into this today:

:( Someone has already made a website out of my idea :(

Serendipity said...

So sweet !!! I guess I would have tagged you with yet another boring tag , had you not updated it for too long :D

I loved your post a lot :) Good to know that more folks have the "I can't follow the news propoerly..... mom yelling at me to go get ready :)" !! I have been terrible about current affairs too !!

Nostalgia- I don't know if I missed college/ work much but I definitely miss our CCD days and CCD too!! I miss cloc a vloc and CCD days everytime I have a dessert here. :(

Gonna bug you for everyday CCD trips when we meet again :D

Kavity said...

All the best with the short story!
And, yes, the poephoblog is better than poeblog :)
And, to add further, I always associate art with first Sowmya and then, Ramya! I remember how you used to shine in Latha ma’am’s classes while I would be hiding behind a biggg chair trying to scribble like a 2 year old. You should definitely post some good ones soon!
Random Ramblings, you anyways do all the time :) So save the blog for your talents and leave the randomness to the res of us :D :D
By the way, I do remember you were always tooo good with sewing and embroidery as well! How is that going?

Finally, thanks for the free pub! Hope I have paid back enough in kind with the comment :P :P

Ramya said...

@sp - its not abt serious blog.. its about bloggin.. thts more imp.. ppl shudnt forget us :P forget tht we write and bug them to read it and comment on it :P

@vishwa - reading the comment above yours (priya's) i was reminded of one of your speeches in school assembly, where you managed to talk about "Nothing".. gud one tht was.. though i dont remmeber what all you blabbered :P

and oh yea.. itmademyday seems to be betetr than fml :)

@hari - CCD trips or so-called weekend walks :P why not :P tht shoudl prolly be under a section called eat-outs in Chennai :P

@kavi - poeblog is such a nice name da :) and thanks for associating me in the lines of sowmya and all :) slighta too much. but feels gud :P and oh embroidery types happen on and off :) not much though...

Kavity said...

@ Ramya: I know, it feels good to be associated with Sowmya when talking about art. I do associate you with her always when I think about art and Latha ma'am's works. After seeing some of your sketches am even more sure you should showcase some of your works. What are blogs for if not for showcasing our talents :P :P :P

King Vishy said...

Yae yae yae.. free publicity for my blog!! thanks a lot :P sorry just saw this post today.. been away from blogdom for long..

Totally understand your PoV.. my last one week was like that, wondering what to post about, before I watched Singam a second time and hence penned something..

Ramya said...

@vishwa - singam? second time?? nalla thaane irukke :)

Ramya said...
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Ramya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
King Vishy said...

naa nalla than iruken.. nee edhukku moonu vaati idhayae kaekkure?? nee nalla thane irukke? :)

btw just realized i have already read and commented on this blog once :D un blog post-ae rendu vaati padikkum bodhu, singam rendu vaati paakka maatena enna? :P

Ramya said...

@vishwa - bad analogy :P and dunno how my comment got uploaded thrice...