Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whats, whys and whens...

A week on field for a market research project on hair wash products usage (a project for CavinKare's Meera), has given me very "deep" insights into consumer behaviour. Rather than responding right in front of such honorary people, I am doing the honours here.

Some interesting episodes that happened this week are here for you to get to know more about the Indian Consumer. :P


Me: Do you use shampoo?
Respondent: (disapproving imm as if i accused her of some horrible crime) No ,no. I never use shampoo.
Me: Do you use Clinic Plus? (Now don't ask if i dint understand their previous response. Wait for the next one)
Respondent: Yeah, I have been using Clinic Plus for many years now.
Me: (?!?!?!?!?!)


Me: Why do you buy Meera in container instead of sachet?
Resp: (Beaming with pride) If we buy Meera in box, we get to show off. Guests who come will see the box and think high of us.
Me: (Marks "Show off" in the questionnaire and jumps to next question)


Me: (Been going on and on in Tamil for 10 mins, just coz the lady started speaking in Tamil)
One tough question which needs loads of explaining from my side and am doing it...
Resp: (Hurriedly realises) Actually, I don't follow Tamil. :(
Me: Are you comfortable with English?
Resp: Oh, no no.
Me: (Hoping that she doesn't say Urdu or Tulu) What language do you follow then?
Resp: Hindi...
Me: (Awesome, Hindi haunts me beyond Kgp) Teek hai, meri hindi teek nahi hai. lekin koshish karoongi. hindi me questions poochoongi mein. aap jawaab deejiye :(

And i actually ended up taking the 60 qns long (25 mins) interview completely in hindi. :)


The usual one.

Me: Have you heard of any herbal shampoo?
Resp: No
Me: Have you heard of Meera "Herbal" Shampoo? (Again don't mistake me. Am no duffer)
Resp: Yes, Yes. I have heard. Even used it.
Me: What?!?!?! We wanted samples who have not tried Meera Shampoo.
Resp: No no. I had got years back. Even before Meera powder.
ME:(?!?!?!?! Wasn't I told otherway round by the Brand Manager who introduced Meera range of products???)


95% of households:

Meera powder = Meera shika powder
Meera shampoo = Meera shika powder
Clinic Plus = Shampoo
Shampoo= Clinic Plus

Branding does have an impact!!!


Me: Have you heard of Meera Herbal Shampoo??
Resp: No
Me: (Some questions later) Have you seen Meera Herbal Shampoo ad?
Resp: Yes yes. I have ofcourse seen it.
Me: (Marks a big cross across both questions)


Now this tops it all. The very reason I ended up blogging on my experience.

Me: Why do you use Meera powder only on Sundays?
Resp: Coz, only then my husband wil be at home, and will apply it for me.
Me: (Am I a stranger there?!?!?!?!, Btw, "Poor Hubby" :P)


All this ben just a start. Wait for more as i continue to explore lanes and streets of Chennai and more so Coimbatore, where i have high expectations of their slang as well :)

What i definitely learnt was ofcourse - what,why and when buying happens, happens mostly for no reason.


balasubramanian said...

after all this, u r still takin ur surveys...poor U n poor makkal...idhuku pesame nee code adikalam...

Serendipity said...

hilarious :D and surveys :P easier to fill those yourself :D

Can't agree more on the last sentence :D

King Vishy said...

He he.. you are having great fun..

BTW are you able to control your laughter when all this happens? :)

Yeomen said...

Poor husband...thats the funniest one...